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Global Food World is
an innovative international B2B facilitator
of selective fine food brands

Global Food World stands for:

Fine Food Portfolio

We are managing an internationally unique range of exclusive fine food brands.


We unlock new business potential through innovative fine food business concepts.

Global & Local

We operate business at international scale, while being present in the markets.

Exports of small food producers – challenges and opportunities

What are the main barriers for small f&b producers to develop exports? One main barrier of course is the money, as exports require a minimum budget, independently from the size of a company. Many costs are not elastic, which means that the financial burden for a small company is very high. But, it is not just about the money. For a... Read More

Our Brands

The international marketing power
of Global Food World Group

The marketing power of Global Food World is unique!

For our brands & products
we develop international exports to selective distributors & food shops
and beyond on that, innovative food concepts, events and publications.

Products in catalogue

GFW product variety and ability to provide to buyers a mix of products is our strength.


Developing exports at global level we maximize for our producers the prospects of sales.


We cover all main food channels in the markets, but cooperate only with buyers matching to our business philosophy.

Product categories

consulting company

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