Global Food World - Activities

B2B premium supply services

Global Food World is an innovative supply partner for specialized food buyers like regional fine food distributors, deli-stores, food service companies and e-shops. We offer to our B2B partners a wide range of unique, international product assortment of story-telling brands and provide them with a variety of services, such as free sample sending, assortment advisory, private label projects, marketing concepts, the option for mixed shipments, while at the same time managing logistics and financial clearing through one partnership.

Complete export solution to fine food producers

To fine food producers we are buyers and their complete export solution at the same time. While carefully selecting products based on specific criterions, we promote brands globally, develop sales in markets abroad and manage the complete operation chain.
In this partnership with Global Food World, small fine food producers benefit from a strong marketing umbrella, a significant reduction of export budgets and a complete export development solution.

Food events – Taste & Joy

Our wide range of services includes for organizations, companies, embassies and others innovative food events, such as food seminars and cooking & dine events, creating unique experiences and possibilities for promotion.
In cooperation with the tourist industry (hotels and travel agencies), we developed an innovative concept of special events for tourists, with seminars on Greek/local foods & beverages, food tasting and cooking events.

Corporate superfood services

More and more corporations offer to their employees healthy snacks and beverages during work, supporting a friendly and productive work environment. Global Food World has created special propositions for this new business segment including great energy bars, nuts, juices and a great variety of other nutritious and healthy products

Fine Food Magazine

Global Food World is publishing the “Fine Food Magazine”, which has reached international recognition and is addressed to both, fine food lovers all over the world and professionals in this field.
The magazine presents extraordinary and unique fine food products, in their traditional or innovative form, accompanied by interesting stories about the people behind the brands, brings out business experts and shares interesting lifestyle stories.

Producer advise services

Producers who are interested to join Global Food World pass an extended evaluation process. We support them with specialized consulting services, which aims at helping them to overcome identified weaknesses and to improve their competitiveness. Our producer advice service focuses, mainly, on product quality, international certifications, labeling & packaging, pricing policy and digital marketing concepts.


Global Food World has the expertise to develop state-of the-art digitalization tools, like digital product catalogues, corporate e-shops, websites, and marketing tools.

Investment opportunities

Global Food World identifies investment opportunities in the food business and supports all phases of investment projects. We analyze the growth potential of businesses against their need of equity to achieve it. At the same time, we reach out to investors and food entrepreneurs who are looking for investment opportunities, with attractive products and prospects of high returns.

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