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Make the world yours!

Global Food World is specifically developed to support small producers
of premium food & beverage products in their exports.


To help small fine food producers in reaching out to selective customers all over the world becoming awarded for their engagement in creating great products.


To be the leader on a global scale in covering the demands of the fine food community, staying true to our motto “better food, better life!”


At Global Food World we are not just supplying food products, we innovate business combining great products with new food concepts.
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Who We Are

Global Food World is an international group, currently operating in more 15 national markets through local teams. Our international team combines expertise in all aspects of international food business, such as branding, marketing, digitalization, production, quality management and logistics, creating new concepts and business models for our partners.

With the expertise of Axis Blueschild

Global Food World is an affiliated company of Axis Blueschild, a leading international export consultancy. The business concept of Global Food World is a result of having identified real life business problems and barriers of small food & beverages producers in developing their exports. Axis Blueschild has been operating for ten years in international business development utilizing experienced local specialists.

Filling a gap in the market

In many markets, small food and beverages producers offer innovative and traditional products of high quality, which consumers have proven to be enthusiastic about.
However, due to pressing lack of resources, it is almost impossible for them to overcome the barriers in promoting and distributing their products to buyers abroad. At Global Food World we are the solution for them to overcome these barriers.

Responding to new consumer trends

Nowadays, there is an increasing consumer demand for high quality traditional products made with healthy, natural ingredients, produced in a natural, social environment.
B2B buyers, on the other hand, are scrambling to meet these new market demands with suitable products. Though they lack the time and means to properly source them around the world. Moreover, they are presented with the Herculean task of dealing on a daily basis with a vast number of individual small producers, making logistics and management just too complex.
We connect the dots by covering the complete operation chain and providing comprehensive support.

A worldwide unique fine food portfolio

Global Food World provides buyers access to a unique, international product mix of thousands of selected fine foods and over 100 exclusive brands from all over the world.
Our product selection is focused on high quality and food innovation.
We cooperate with family-owned food & beverages producers who love what they do and are committed to meet the expectations of food lovers around the world.

Technology Innovation

One reason of failure is the fact that managing business with many brands in many markets is a highly complex operation. At Global Food World we develop innovative digital tools to keep our services user-friendly and manageable.

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